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Groom Me

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

As men, we’re guilty of having laundry lists filled with details on how well our significant other should look and feel; but what about ourselves? We tend to get caught in the hustle of the workweek and forget to take care of ourselves. I’ve listed my top 4 grooming tips below.

Get a Haircut

I suggest going to the barbershop every other Thursday. It will give your hair enough time to grow back and you won’t have to worry about the heavy Friday evening\ Saturday morning crowd. While you’re in the chair, ask your barber to clean up your beard, eyebrows, and nose hairs.

Find Your Scent

Finding a good cologne can be frustrating, but take the time to do it! Put one on and walk around the store. This will give the cologne time to settle and you’ll be able to see how well it pairs with your natural body chemistry. Remember: Just because it smells good in the bottle doesn’t mean it will smell good on you!


To keep that odor down in the back of your throat! Nuff said…

This IS NOT a substitute for brushing your teeth!!!

Mani and Pedi

Gentlemen, I understand that you’re embarrassed to go to the nail shop, but your girlfriend is even more embarrassed by the calluses on the back of your feet. Go to your local nail shop at least once a month to at the VERY LEAST get a pedicure. (That’s the one for your feet!)

Bonus Non-Grooming Tips :

-Buy the right Underwear

-Do us all a favor and throw about those boxers! She doesn’t like them and neither does your balls! Companies make different cuts for a reason and you should probably utilize them.


She’ll thank you later!

Comment below and share a tip from your grooming regimen!

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