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5 Shirts Every Man Needs

Whether you're a businessman who works in an office or you work in a factory, knowing which shirts to wear and how to style them is essential for every man. Below I've listed the 5 shirts that everyman needs to have in his wardrobe.

1. White Dress Shirt - The white dress shirt is super versatile because it can be worn with anything from a suit all the way dressed down with some denim jeans. For your first shirt, I suggest getting a plain white shirt with a single barrel sleeve, and a medium or semi-spread collar. I love to pair my white dress shirt with my charcoal grey suit from Calvin Klein, a blueish grey tie from Barakat Bespoke and my chocolate cap toe shoes from Paul Evans. This look can take you straight from the office to a nice dinner with your lady. The shirt seen here is a White Textured Shirts from TheTieBar.com and priced at $55.

2. Light Blue Button down (aka OCBD - oxford cotton button down) - This is a variation of the classic white dress shirt but the collar actually buttons down (hence the name). The light blue hue can easily be paired with a variety of colored trousers. The light blue buttoned down is dapper enough to be worn with a tie but casual enough to go to the bar with the fellas. In my opinion, this shirt is best paired with dark denim, a navy blazer and a simple brown shoe. This shirt seen here is from jcrew.com and priced at $69.50.

3. Polo Shirt - Polo style shirts have been around since ~1896. Although initially worn by polo players in the UK, you can see anyone from rappers to golfers in this iconic shirt today. Meant to be a bit more casual, you can always pair with a nice pair of chinos and tuck in your shirt for a more dapper approach. I like to style my polo with my Levi's trucker jacket, khaki pants, and my white vans. The polo seen here is from ralphlauren.com and priced at $85.

4. 3-Button Henley - Personally I shied away from this shirt for a long time because I didn't think it was necessary to add to my collection but I'm glad I did. To me, this shirts gives a man a more rugged aesthetic. I decided to pair my henley with a navy vest, khaki pants, and chukka boots. 3 button henley's are also great for the summer with a pair of light colored chinos or some khaki shorts.

5. Classic White T-Shirt - Every man needs a white t-shirt in his wardrobe, no matter his age. A white t-shirt is provides lots of versatility being able to wear it from the couch, to the grocery store, or your favorite sports bar. I think the white t-shirt looks amazing with some distressed jeans, some fly sneakers, and a fitted cap.

Once you've mastered the basics, challenge yourself and go out and pick up some shirts with stripes and prints! Let me know in the comments below what shirt you think is the most versatile!

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